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Good News!

I had a visit from the Good New Fairies today, and am excited to be able to announce that I received multiple offers of representation on my latest manuscript, and after careful consideration, I am now represented by Jackie Kaiser at Westwood Creative Artists! Jackie also represents some of my favourite picture book authors like Sara O’Leary and Kyo Maclear, not to mention a whole host of other incredible authors and illustrators. You can see them all, here: http://www.wcaltd.com/jackie-kaiser/

I am so looking forward to working with Jackie and the rest of the Westwood team!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way. Special thank yous to Lori Richmond and Sara O’Leary for all their help and encouragement.  It sure took me a village to get this far.

Also, I couldn’t resist sitting down today and making a plethora of Good News Fairies to celebrate with.  I just love the idea of little fairies on highly customized bicycles, zooming around and bringing joy to everyone they touch.  Hopefully they bring a smile to you, too!

(Plus, now I am seriously considering how to turn my bicycle into a fabulous swan bike, because I think I may need that in my life.)

Inktober 2017

For the first time, this year I participated in Inktober – an annual challenge for artists to do a daily ink drawing. No erasing.

I used a list of witchy word prompts designed by Julianna Swaney (you can see her beautiful work here: http://www.juliannaswaney.com) to help me generate ideas.  Also, I decided to do all my illustrations of the same character and her world. I set myself a time limit for most days – trying to keep it around 20 minutes. Some days I made bigger illustrations that took a little longer.  All of the pictures were done with a dip pen and black waterproof ink in a Moleskine journal, and then colour was added with watercolour paint.

I popped several of them together to share here (above and below). Participating in Inktober was such a joy that I expect I will be doing it again next year.  Also, I had so much fun playing with this technique that you’ll be seeing some new portfolio pieces here soon!

You can also see short interviews of all the SCBWI Canada East members who participated here: http://thechildrensillustratorstudio.blogspot.ca


My Beatrix Potter Tribute – a progression

I was lucky enough to get a spot in the SCBWI webinar with Giuseppe Castellano.  The assignment was the same one he gave to the artists in the gorgeous book, “A Celebration of Beatrix Potter” – to imagine any of the characters from Beatrix Potter’s work in your own style. I had so much fun doing research for this piece – reading back through all of those amazing books, and even discovering some new ones.

This is the sketch that I handed in for feedback.

It’s always funny when you re-read a childhood favourite, and find that it is a totally different experience as an adult.  I still loved the characters and the predicaments they found themselves in, but this time I was really struck by those moments when she inserted herself into the work.  When she uses her own wheelbarrow in Samuel Whiskers, and then claims she never gave them permission to use it, or when she claims to know Mrs. Tiggy-winkle personally, to leave you wondering.
I couldn’t resist putting her into my image, too – she is so much a part of those books.


First I made each of the characters individually.  I start with a base of painted paper, which is cut and layered into the right shape.  Then I add the details on top of that with pastels, pencils, and crayons – until I am happy with each one.  They are quite delicate at this stage, so I only do this when I have the house to myself!

Giuseppe commented on my sketch that I should be extra careful in taking this to colour, to make sure that the background colours were balanced with the characters. So instead of starting with the background, as I usually do, this time I started with the characters.  This allowed me to make better choices about what needed to be behind them, and, I think, helped me keep everything harmonious.

Next, I put it all together, and added in the final details, like whiskers, and prickles. And here is the finished piece:

It was such a lot of fun to create, and really interesting to experience what it might be like to work with an Art Director.  Usually I do a sketch, and then dive right into the piece, but I found that handing in the sketch, and then waiting for feedback before creating the final art was actually a really nice way to help me clarify what I wanted out of the final piece.

Next up: handing it in, and waiting for the last round of feedback! Whatever might happen from here, I am delighted with this piece, as looking at it brings me right back to the feeling of reading her stories.  I hope you enjoy it, too!