For the first time, this year I participated in Inktober – an annual challenge for artists to do a daily ink drawing. No erasing.

I used a list of witchy word prompts designed by Julianna Swaney (you can see her beautiful work here: to help me generate ideas.  Also, I decided to do all my illustrations of the same character and her world. I set myself a time limit for most days – trying to keep it around 20 minutes. Some days I made bigger illustrations that took a little longer.  All of the pictures were done with a dip pen and black waterproof ink in a Moleskine journal, and then colour was added with watercolour paint.

I popped several of them together to share here (above and below). Participating in Inktober was such a joy that I expect I will be doing it again next year.  Also, I had so much fun playing with this technique that you’ll be seeing some new portfolio pieces here soon!

You can also see short interviews of all the SCBWI Canada East members who participated here: